December 6, 2016
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Steps To Build Your Own Pool

Save as much as $7,500 on an average project and as much as $25,000 Building your own high-end swimming pool project, How To Build Your Own Pool, cut out the middle man and save time and money. We are America's #1 Swimming Pool consulting company, specializing in swimming pool plans, designs and complete documents for the owner-builder.

A happy family who know it's easy to follow steps to build your own pool

Building your own swimming pool and spa has never been easier using Since 2006 the site has gained members from all around the world. People call everyday asking us “How Does it work” – Our programs format is modeled from the same processes management teams use to run swimming pool building companies. It all starts with gathering the most basic information, like budget, size of pool, will there be a spa? We help you by using proven methods to gain all the important information that would be gathered by a sales person from a builder. Once this information is gathered we then focus on your space. Slope conditions, soil conditions are just a few factors we go over with you. Everyone is excited to build a pool and let’s not forget some items that might be worth putting into the design like a fire-pit, or a 15” depth Baja Reef for the little ones.

Our video series on YouTube won recognition in 2010 and continues to help the home owner builder get a sense of the scope building a swimming pool.

Our plan services are always one low price and these are City Ready documents that allow you to submit along with any other required documents to obtain your own building permit. These plans are created in a step-by-step process with your final approval insuring your project comes out just as planned.

Our program upgrades allow the member to utilize various needs that are specific to the city and state the member lives. When completed, contacting each phase contractor for a written quote prior to construction insures the homeowner of no cost over runs. Using our video series as a guide and the downloadable documents a homeowner can find peace of mind building their own pool.

The cost savings are just one factor when a homeowner builds their own pool. Paying direct to the sub insures that once the job is complete, the contactor was paid. No chances of liens against your home, and no chances of a builder in hard times failing to complete his or her promise to pay, because you make those payments direct. This is a well known fact that if there is any chance of a discount it will be to the person paying. Using Licensed, insured phase contractors from the same pool of folks the builders do insures your project will be completed by a pro. Another huge factor in building your own swimming pool is it can be done on your time line. We coach our members to line up the bids from their favorite contactors and hold them to a timeline and start date. When most pool contactors are taking 3-6 months to complete a project, we have members that completed their basic projects in under 30 days.

With so many reasons to save money these days, we offer a history of successful families just like yours all around this great country of ours that are choosing and referring